Monday, July 23, 2012

Tit for Tat, Underachiever!

Today evening, while checking out the magazines at a bookstore, I saw The Outlook and couldn't get my eyes off it's cover. There was an official portrait of Obama in black suit with US flag in the background and two  familiar words written under it, "The Underachiever". I was shocked with excitement! That's something!

Not long back (July 16th issue), Time Magazine had put Indian Prime Minster Manmohan Singh on the cover page and gave him the title, The Underachiever. And now, an Indian magazine, after two weeks, does the same with US President Barak Obama!

Various thoughts crossed my mind! How to take this? As a kid crying mummy when another kid from neighborhood steals his lollypop OR as a slap on the face of the west with a message, "introspect". Both of these conditions are extremities and the truth perhaps, lies somewhere in between.

Obviously, there is no mention of Manmohan Singh or his underachievement (forget the Time story, itself) in the cover story but the two things cannot be un-linked in their entirety. Some might say, The Outlook is not The Time and therefore try to undermine the importance of it but running a story of such dimensions in such a way looks definitely exciting! Now, whether this is out of guts of gimmick, is for the public to decide!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lets Build Today

life is boring, just sleep and snoring,

same old days, same old ways
lets do something new today,
make something with sand and clay
lets put down our thoughts to words
lets build a place for peace on earth
lets fight today
fight today for the human rights
not religions, not regions, not races
just for all the faces
faces that laugh, faces that smile
faces that don't hate even for a while

A place free from discrimination

A place free from association
A place for love, a place for humans
A place to be built by all of us today....

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