Friday, August 17, 2012

How Indian Politics is heading towards Democratic Dictatorship

I will start with a simple question, "Are you proud of the present state of Indian Political System and Indian Politics?". Anyone who gives a slightest damn to the current affairs and follows news and magazines will respond in negative. Those who are too much occupied in their field of work and who are not bothered much about political developments might respond in affirmative.

I got more inclined towards current affairs in last couple of years and the inclination is increasing by the day. That might be one of the reasons why I'm feeling the way I write. The politics was dirty since the ancient times and worse things have happened in the past, (leave aside just bad); but the conditions should have improved with the passing time and for a developing country like India with such glorious past (ancient times), the conditions should have improved drastically.

But what we are observing since the last few years in India, that the serious issues have emerged and the common Indian man has seen a lot happening around. The political establishment has grown so shameless that before pointing out something bad, we have to think couple of times, is it bad enough to be pointed out? Everyone is blaming government for variety of issues. Few blames and accusations might be out of frustration and not based on facts, but like we say in India, there is no smoke without a fire. (Bina aag ke dhuan nahi uthta). When the internal policies of government are criticized even internationally, it's high time for politicians to stop, watch and proceed. What's making them to ignore the bright red signal ahead of the road they are moving so fast? The basic human fallacies, perhaps.

Photo Courtesy - India Against Corruption Facebook page

We all know that politics is no easy business. But the question is of where are you putting your energies. Our politicians are so much capable that if they had really remembered the oath they had taken and worked in that direction, India would have very well transformed into a well developed and self sufficient country in these 65 years of independence. We have a lot of potential, the question is of the decisions taken at the top and of the motive behind those decisions.

Most of the energy of the politicians is spent in just two things, how to make money and how to secure votes. The tragedy of the nation is that everyone can see it happening but no-one is able to stop it. The much talked about corruption is the child of these two desires and is eating up the political and bureaucratic machinery since decades. Why would they like the idea of being monitored or controlled by any law or court? It is in clear  conflict with their interests. 

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So, why are we so blind not to see why they first delayed the Lokpal Bill and then passed a lame bill in Lok Sabha which clearly defeats it's very purpose and can be used as a tool to support corruption? They have become so shameless that they will rob you in front of your eyes with big grin on their faces and come back later to ask for your vote with a similar grin. We need politicians who keep the nation before their own interests but we have politicians who think about the nation only if it is in their interest.

The latest feather in their crown is the Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill which is passed in Lok Sabha recently. A clause in this bill stops the judges from making "unwarranted" comments in open court on the conduct of government institutions and officials. This indicates the cunning desire of these politicians to control Judiciary which has troubled them much in the recent past. Aren't we heading towards an era of political dictatorship in the so called largest democracy of the world where they will leave no way in which you can point your finger on erring public representatives?