Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Passing a Bill in Parliament cannot "eradicate" National Hunger

"The food bill is meant for the less fortunate sections of our society. It is a historic step to eradicate hunger. It is  time to send out a big message that India can take the responsibility of ensuring food security for all its citizens."
These were the words of Sonia Gandhi in the parliament yesterday when the voting took place to pass the Food Security Bill. Though, it's not unusual for our politicians to pat their own backs and make mammoth announcements (which later disappears like mammoths did), projecting a bill to be able to eradicate hunger from India is a statement exaggerated to it's limits.

Mrs. Gandhi also has the answer, "Questions were raised whether we have the means to implement this programme. It is not a questions of whether we have the means. We have to create the means," she said. Very well. It's good to be positive, but how are we, the people of India, expected to forget the track record of this Government so easily? Yes, we have a short memory, but that doesn't gives them the right to underestimate it. And why is it happening that all the big decisions are taken in the last year of the UPA-2? That too, by running the parliament as late as 10.30pm in the night! Wow, that's dedication, we wanted to see since long. It would have been much better for the country if this was done keeping the Nation in the mind and not just the almighty elections.

Image Credit: ThaiRath

It seems that the ruling party is singing the song for the 2014 elections, "mera to jo bhi kadam hai, wo teri raah mein hai..." which means 'every step I take is by keeping you in mind'. It's a pity for the nation that we have patriots of chairs who claims to be the patriots of the country.

As far as Food Security Bill is concerned, it is a decision taken in haste. More to prove a point than to actually benefit the poor. With the loopholes like "cash for food" provision still persistent in the bill (amendment to change it was negated), it cannot be seemingly assured that the Government has learned anything from the big scams taken place in the country and the corruption which is well established in such schemes. The questions is, whether they really want to learn?

Just passing the bill in the parliament is not enough. The commitment which the government is shown (for whatever reasons) to pass the bill in present Lok Sabha session is commendable but greater commitment has to be shown in order to implement this bill properly. The priority should be to ensure that 'real poor get real food'. The Nation is watching.

It's up to us now, whether we want to fall for the last minute gimmicks of the ruling party or will we take into consideration their 10 years report card before going to the polls? Hope, better sense will prevail.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Why so much fuss over a video?

A video with iconic voice of Big B at it's soul and the pictures supporting Narendra Modi as "the" leader for the country in foreground, is making headlines on news channels today.

It all started after Big B has written about this "fake" video online. Hell broke loose. Suddenly, the uploader and the creator of the video become the biggest pirates of the time. With all due respect to the privacy of an individual and theft of intellectual property, this video just looks like a creative piece of a Big B's fan and NaMo's supporter. Forgive my innocence!

Ask yourself, is this the first video of its kind where the background sound is taken from somewhere else to support the message that the creator actually wants to pass-on through the images/picture of the video? Certainly not. Songs and famous poems are usually used to convey the message of video. You will find a load of that online. Technically, that is illegal as well.
Then what makes this video so different. Maybe because the background fits so aptly to the foreground. Maybe because it's about one very popular individual and the voice of another very popular individual. 

When I checked now, the infamous video is no more on youtube. Big B thanks his "sena" for that.

The man who uploaded the video was heard in a news report. He was at a train station, going to Mumbai, expecting to meet Big B to apologise personally. He says he got this video through Whatsapp and just uploaded it on youtube to share. He adds that he has great respect for Big B and is ready to face whatever punishment Big B thinks fit.

To give the issue a formal closure, our own angry young man re-tweets Modi's take on the issue. All's well that ends well!