Sunday, May 13, 2012

Change Takes It's Own Time...

Change is the talk of the hour, everyone is talking about it but at the same time, most of us are skeptical about it. "Nothing's gonna happen, it's India boss!" they keep reminding me. They are right in their own might; they are so used to see the same old things happening since such long time that the very idea of change makes them feel uncomfortable! It's hard to convince such people otherwise, until and unless they actually feel the change themselves! But to the believers also, I wanna say that change does not come that easy. It does take some time and effort to shake off that decade old dirt that has settled on your back.

Similar thing happened when my newspaper guy came to take the monthly payment and I asked him to change my newspaper from TOI to the Hindu (because I want to stay ahead of times, of course!) from the next day and he accepted the change full heartedly with smile! But the next day when I opened my door to pick newspaper with lots of hope and excitement, it was still TOI to my great disappointment! Well, I called up the newspaper agency to confirm if the message was delivered and he said it will be surely done form tomorrow.

But the next day as well, it was still TOI! I called up the agency again and this time not to tell but to ask which newspaper is supposed to be delivered at my place. He said, "The Hindu" with smile and told me that the hawker is so used to drop TOI at my doorstep that it's taking time to get the new idea into his head! How true, I thought! 

Every change takes it's own time, however small it might be... and we are talking about changing the Nation here! Keep going for it friends, it'll surely come!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Satyamev Jayate - First look & Quick Review

We all talk about change which should be brought by someone. We all think something should be done. But we generally do not want to dirty our own hands in sweeping the dirt lying outside our houses. We very well want to wait for the sweepers to do it, and why not, why are they there for! It's their job! And what do we do when the sweepers are not doing their work properly? Oh simple, change them!! 

The problems we see around us today are actually because of the uncleaned dirt which was supposed to be taken care of by the police and the administration who actually are the sweepers of our society! Now when they do not do it efficiently, can we really remove them or change them just like that?

Therefore, one has to understand that the people who are fighting for change are doing some very serious business which is far more challenging than our everyday jobs. The rewards are less and the risk is more! But what counts is satisfaction. 
So, when we see someone working for that change and our heart says this change should really be brought; it becomes our duty to support it. 

I was having huge expectations from the program Satyamev Jayate and somewhere in my heart there was also a belief that this will be something different and nice! Today when I saw it, I felt good about it.

It's not rocket science.
The issues that the program is bringing forward are not new or unheard of. We all know that this particular problem is around us. We just tend to ignore it or take it for granted. Also, the solutions provided are not rocket science; we all are already capable of doing that. But a conviction is required, a collective effort and dedication towards the change is needed. That's what this program is trying to develop.

What makes SMJ different.
We have already seen programs and news reports that brings our attention towards a problem and that's it. That's not enough! This programs takes couple of more steps forward. It lists the problem is an engaging way, tells the origin and the reasons behind it, shows the kinds of the people responsible for it and finally suggests a way out. That is the way to approach. Listing a problem is not enough; showing the way to solve it is important.

Money is secondary.
The program does not looks like entirely commercial and made only for business. Or tell me which other realty show you've seen, was aired simultaneously on National Television (DD1) which is freely accessible to all! Clearly, the purpose is to reach everyone. Also, the money the program is trying to generate is to help in the cause and not otherwise; though I believe that more than generating money, what it's doing good is to bring the change in the mindset of the people.

Though it's very early to predict the future of the just born child, but we can surely extend our support in the raising of it so that it can give confidence to such children of change to do better!

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