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About What Really Matters

We all are Indians and we all love India, no doubt over that. But everyone of us loves India in a different way and perhaps a different aspect of India. This also speaks about the richness of the culture we live in that we are bewildered with the things to be happy and be proud of. But this aspect comes with a flip side as well. There are numerous things around us as well which makes us sad and disappointed. Thankfully enough, these "bad" things though seem so inherent to Indian society are actually created by us and therefore we are capable of handling them as well. There is of course an increase in the awareness in the society at large about various ill practices prevailing in the country and there are also lots of talks and discussions about each topic that comes out in public. Debates are good, but shouldn't we also start working towards resolving the problem at the local level by taking one problem at a time and therefore preventing it to become an uncontrollable monster later on. Given the size of manpower we have which is mostly young, we have the capability and the liability to work towards making India a better place to live in, literally. I am up for it and I want to live in an India which does justice with the history, culture, morals and the aspirations of the Indian civilization. And this is just to start with; I see no reason why we can't become the front-runners and show the world the direction to prosperity and happiness. After all, we believe and preach the principal of 'Vasudaiv Kutumbakam'. Which other civilization believes such a principal inherently? It is just a matter of belief and once we start believing, there is nothing we cannot achieve. This is also true with the entire human race and since we have done it in the past, let's get together and do it again.

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