Monday, March 16, 2020

Pakistan showcased it's below par mentality in SAARC leaders COVID-19 Summit, yet again.

The occasion was a video conference called by Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi on Sunday, 15th March 2020 for the SAARC leaders to discuss the ongoing pandemic situation because of Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Though there was no confusion on the purpose of the meeting among any of the participants, all but one of them took it in its real spirit and discussed the measures taken by their Nations to fight the pandemic and the road ahead. But if we think Pakistan can keep everything aside and just talk on the matter (like everyone else did), we would be expecting too much from a Nation whose existence is only because of hate towards India.

We will quickly talk about few instances from the video conference which proves this very clearly.

Politicizing the Conference
This conference was meant to be between heads of states and everyone but Pakistan understood that. Every other SAARC nation was represented by their heads of state (either PM or President) but Pakistan sent it's State Minister for Health. There are two things Pakistan was trying to convey by this - first, Pakistan doesn't think this conference was important enough to be attended by its head of state. And second - they don't want to consider India as the natural leader of SAARC.

No ethics, no courtesy
After the opening remarks by PM Modi, each leader was given a chance to share their thoughts on the ongoing situation and how their country is battling that. Each one of them praised PM Modi in their remarks for initiating this conference and bringing SAARC together, once again.
But Pakistani representative did not care to even greet PM Modi in his initial address.

Raking up Kashmir
Surprised, no it happened, really!
Forget Govt, even a sensible person would understand that the purpose of the conference was to come together and fight a common enemy. But how can that go down well with Pakistan? They think that if they bring up Kashmir in anything and everything, it is their victory. Same happened when the Pakistani representative got his second chance to speak, he thanked Modi this time, which gave an impression that probably better sense has prevailed but soon after he brought up Kashmir in one of the statements which his scriptwriters must have written after tremendous effort and brainstorming. They would certainly put it in bold in their resumes.

Such is the level of hatred and stupidity in the minds and hearts of the Pakistani establishment, which is evident everywhere from diplomacy to sports. This should make each one of Indians think that why should they not want Pakistan to disappear from the world map?

Jai Hind!

Monday, August 5, 2019

[Evolving] #Kashmir2019 : What's happening?

This is an account of how the events unfolded in the state of Jammu & Kashmir in July-Aug 2019.

It all started with the news of troops movement in the valley.
From 10,000 to 28,000 to now 38,000. Not sure what is the number but troops are certainly being moved.

Then came the news of the rumors being spread about the Article 35A and 370.

Thereafter another rumor of trifurcation of the Jannu & Kashmir State in three parts. As rumors have it, three parts would be Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir. Among these, one will be state and two would be union territories.

Aug 2
It all got serious when there was an announcement on Aug 2nd about a Joint Press conference by the Army, JKP and CISF. In the press conference, Armed Forces talked about intelligence inputs about the threat to Shri Amarnath Yatra and the recovery of Land Mines with Pakistan Ordinance Factory markings and of Sniper Rifle with American Make, possibly smuggled/stolen from Afganistan by Taliban.

Till this time, there was no news of Amarnath Yatra being called off.

Then came the big news. Almost as soon as the Press Conference ended, in which Army said they have no information on Yatra being called off, there came the news of press releases saying the Yatra is curtailed and Yatris are asked to return as soon as possible.

For the first time in history, the Amarnath Yatra is cut short sighting Terror Threat.

In the meantime, when all this was happening, there was a huge hue and cry by the local Kashmiri politicians including the likes of Muftis, Abdullas and Gilanis (he calls himself Pakistani).

Aug 2-3-4
The ceasefires, retaliations, and foiling of infiltration bids.
Another thing had happened few days back when US President Trump has poked his nose in Kashmir affairs two times in a couple of days. Firstly, when he was giving joint press bytes with Pak PM Imran Khan, he said that when PM Modi met him last time, the Indian PM asked Trump to mediate in the matter of Kashmir. Of course, this was denied immediately from the highest levels of the Ministry of External Affairs. But Trump again mentioned that he is willing to mediate in Kashmir matter if both parties want while giving a press statement in White House, the residence of US President.

It is being said that this emboldened the Pakistanis to try misadventures in Kashmir and for this many terrorists were readied at the launchpads across LoC.
Indian army killed at least 7 of them (which were part of BAT - Border Action Team of Pakistan that also includes regular soldiers) and have also released photos of 4 of them.

On the other side of border, Pakistan started crying of caliber escalation and accused India of unprovoked firing.

Aug 4-5
In the night of 4th August, news of Mobile and internet services being discontinued in the Valley and even in Jammu has surfaced. This was later on confirmed by official sources later in the night and in the morning of 5th August.

Satellite phones have been distributed to the authorities to keep the things moving.

Aug 5
This could be D-Day.
A crucial Union Cabinet Meeting is scheduled at 9.30am on 5th August. All eyes on Delhi.

Section 144 was imposed last night and early morning in many parts of J&K. The local Kashmiri leaders have been placed under House Arrest.

This piece is evolving and will be updated.
Last update: Morning 9.15am, 5th August 2019.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Narendra Modi's 2019 Swearing In Ceremony Should be Bigger

The background 

Narendra Modi is known to do things in a different way. The same thing happened in 2014 when he became the PM for the very first time. He then invited the leaders of the SAARC Nations for the Swearing-In Ceremony much to everyone's surprise.

In 2019, India has asked Narendra Modi to be at the helm again in a grand fashion. Therefore the grandeur should not be any less when it comes to this time's Swearing-In Ceremony. So how can it be done?

2014 Swearing-In Ceremony | Pic courtesy Wikipedia

Who can be Invited?

Modi has built strong bonds with few world leaders with his unique style of diplomacy. Therefore, at least these leaders should be invited to witness the swearing-in of a 'friend' as the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy for the second time - not a small feat in a vibrant democracy like India.

The list of these leaders includes but is not limited to Japan's PM Shinzo Abe, Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu, France President Emmanuel Macron, Ex-US President Barak Obama etc. Though Obama looks a bit unlikely as he is not sitting President but Modi thinks in a very different way.

We'll have to wait for a few more days to see what actually happens in the Oath Taking Ceremony this time, but whatever happens, is going to be grand! It is the Swearing-in of the PM of the world's largest democracy!

Monday, July 3, 2017

The MEA issues statement to refute Chinese claim at Doklam but keeps it low profile

The +Ministry of External Affairs, India has replied back to the Chinese claim that India is intruding into it's territory at Doklam Area which is at India Bhutan China border.

But the Ministry has kept it low profile. On one hand where Chinese External Ministry even released pictures in a to prove their claim, Indian side only replied by a press release on their website and not even shared on social media platforms like Twitter by the +Ministry of External Affairs, India

It reiterates the lack of aggression by the Govt of India when it comes to dealing with China.

Below is the press statement:

Recent Developments in Doklam Area

June 30, 2017
The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement on 26 June 2017 alleging that Indian border troops crossed the boundary line in the Sikkim sector of the China-India boundary and entered Chinese territory. This has been reiterated since then in other Chinese official briefings. 
  • The facts of the matter are as follows:
    i.On 16 June, a PLA construction party entered the Doklam area and attempted to construct a road. It is our understanding that a Royal Bhutan Army patrol attempted to dissuade them from this unilateral activity. The Ambassador of the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGOB) has publicly stated that it lodged a protest with the Chinese Government through their Embassy in New Delhi on 20 June.

    ii.Yesterday, the Foreign Ministry of Bhutan has also issued a statement underlining that the construction of the road inside Bhutanese territory is a direct violation of the 1988 and 1998 agreements between Bhutan and China and affects the process of demarcating the boundary between these two countries. They have urged a return to the status quo as before 16 June 2017.

    iii.In keeping with their tradition of maintaining close consultation on matters of mutual interest, RGOB and the Government of India have been in continuous contact through the unfolding of these developments.

    iv.In coordination with the RGOB, Indian personnel, who were present at general area Doka La, approached the Chinese construction party and urged them to desist from changing the status quo. These efforts continue.

    v.The matter has been under discussion between India and China at the diplomatic level in the Foreign Ministries since then, both in New Delhi and Beijing. It was also the subject of a Border Personnel Meeting at Nathu La on 20 June.
  • India is deeply concerned at the recent Chinese actions and has conveyed to the Chinese Government that such construction would represent a significant change of status quo with serious security implications for India.
  • In this context, the Indian side has underlined that the two Governments had in 2012 reached agreement that the tri-junction boundary points between India, China and third countries will be finalized in consultation with the concerned countries. Any attempt, therefore, to unilaterally determine tri-junction points is in violation of this understanding.
  • Where the boundary in the Sikkim sector is concerned, India and China had reached an understanding also in 2012 reconfirming their mutual agreement on the "basis of the alignment”. Further discussions regarding finalization of the boundary have been taking place under the Special Representatives framework.
  • It is essential that all parties concerned display utmost restraint and abide by their respective bilateral understandings not to change the status quo unilaterally. It is also important that the consensus reached between India and China through the Special Representatives process is scrupulously respected by both sides.
  • India has consistently taken a positive approach to the settlement of its own boundary with China, along with the associated issue of the tri-junctions.
  • India cherishes peace and tranquillity in the India-China border areas. It has not come easily. Both sides have worked hard to establish institutional framework to discuss all issues to ensure peace and tranquillity in the India-China border areas. India is committed to working with China to find peaceful resolution of all issues in the border areas through dialogue.

New Delhi
30 June 2017

India's External Affairs Ministry: 

China's External Affairs Ministry:

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Should India play Pakistan in Champions Trophy?

Pic Courtesy : +Star Sports 

Lot of fuss has been made about the 4th June match between India and Pakistan particularly by few media houses and groups. One example is +Zee News who are relentlessly taking up this issue in their popular prime time show #DNA and on other shows.

Here is what is their logic behind boycotting the match:
  • Soldiers are giving their life due to Pakistan sponsored terrorism at border and we are playing cricket
  • What will the families of these soldiers think when two captains will shake hands or probably hug each other during match (really?)
  • We curse Pakistan in every way, but when it comes to cricket, 4s and 6s becomes more important (literal translation)
  • Is money more important for BCCI than the National interest
  • Virat Kohli shows a lot of pain on social media but actually does nothing
  • It feels like Kohli is very excited to play match with Pakistan
  • If like the Cricket Team, Indian soldiers also starts shaking hands with Pakistani soldiers than how would you feel!
  • Cricketers can learn a lot from Gautam Gambhir who announced to bear the cost of the education of the children of Sukhma incident.
  • Indian cricketers earn a lot of money from matches and endrosements but never comes forward to offer their duties as citizens of the country (really?)
  • Is time pass more important for you than the national interest?

These are the actual points taken from the following #DNA clip narrated by famous Sudhir Chaudhary.

I am sure many of you will feel that these points does not call for such detailed analysis by us and should be taken lightly. But when it comes to National Interest, should we take anything lightly? (pun intended)
Therefore, here is the point by point rebuttal of the above points raised by Zee News.

  • DNA: Soldiers are giving their life due to Pakistan sponsored terrorism at border and we are playing cricket
    WRM: Though cricketers are not sacrificing their lives for the Nation like our soldiers do but the pride they carry for the Nation in their hearts is similar. They play under the Indian flag and when they beat Pakistan, it fills us all with pride.
  • DNA: What will the families of these soldiers think when two captains will shake hands or probably hug each other during match (really?)
    WRM: You know when the DGMOs meet on the border or talk over the hotline, they also exchange hellos; they don't start the talks by cursing each other. You ever heard the word professional courtesy?
  • DNA: We curse Pakistan in every way, but when it comes to cricket, 4s and 6s becomes more important (literal translation)
    WRM: When it comes to playing against Pakistan, be it cricket or any other sport, we don't care about 4s and 6s, we want India to beat them badly; everytime!
  • DNA: Is money more important for BCCI than the National interest
    WRM: BCCI is no saint, everyone knows that. But you should push Govt. to close all the trade ties with Pakistan, if you really care. Or do this: only sell, don't buy.
  • DNA: Virat Kohli shows a lot of pain on social media but actually does nothing
    WRM: Virat Kohli is a great ambassador of India who is representing the Nation well. We should get inspired by him and excel in our fields instead of criticizing him unnecessarily.
  • DNA: It feels like Kohli is very excited to play match with Pakistan
    WRM: We are all very excited because we want to see those hanging faces of Pakistani players and supporters.
  • DNA: If like the Cricket Team, Indian soldiers also starts shaking hands with Pakistani soldiers than how would you feel!
    WRM: When it is in professional courtesy, it is done by Prime Ministers, Army DGMOs, Players and who not!
  • DNA: Cricketers can learn a lot from Gautam Gambhir who announced to bear the cost of the education of the children of Sukhma incident.
    WRM: Is Gautam Gambhir not a cricketer? Has he said anything against this match? If he was in team, wouldn't he played this match?
  • DNA: Indian cricketers earn a lot of money from matches and endorsements but never comes forward to offer their duties as citizens of the country (really?)
    WRM: Like our jawans, cricketers are also executing their duties by playing for the nation. Blaming BCCI can be okay but criticizing players is foolish.
  • DNA: Is time pass more important for you than the national interest?
    WRM: Cheering for India and supporting those who represent India on world stage is a great time pass to have.

As they have already mentioned in the above clip, we have not played any bilateral tournament since 5 years with Pakistan and no one is complaining. Not public and not a single player of team India.

India of today knows that Cricket is not important than International diplomacy. Those days are gone when we were fighting Kargil war with Pakistan and public was busy in World Cup. (But that also has to do a lot with what media was focusing on at that time.)

India has already made a right decision by not playing any bilateral series and to ban Pakistani players in Indian leagues such as +Indian Premier League | IPL and Pro Kabaddi etc. Playing Pakistan in an international tournament is different thing and before opposing that we should take many more steps diplomatically. Remember we still have our consulate in Pakistan and have many trade arrangements with them. Lets proceed in the direction of breaking all these ties and then think about walking out of these tournaments.

We loved +Zee News because it talks about National Interest. But we suggest you to be a little rational in your reporting. India has many important things to do and many important areas to focus on than Cricket with Pakistan!

Jai Hind! 

+PMO India +NITI Aayog #IndiavsPakistan #IndvPak #CT17 +ICC +Star Sports +Virender Sehwag 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Arundhati Roy - The new love of Indian Media

India Today in just one of the many publications that is doing it's bit to cleanse the image of Arundhati Roy who is in news for her anti-National statements.

This got even more highlighted when Actor Paresh Rawal tweeted against her.

IndiaToday tries to explain a lot, citing many sources but does not talk about the source of the video where Arundhati says India is waging war against it's own states. The question is of intention.

If you see who uploaded this video on youtube - a Patriotic Pakistani - you will get an idea about who is listening her.
The credibility of the article touches it's lowest point when they quote as a media watchdog! Seriously? Should we laugh or get angry?
Look what they say about

Do they know the meaning of media watchdog? Certainly not.

Look at what the About Page of the says about themselves.

This is as stupid as someone can get!

It describes itself as antidote to the right-wing propagandists. Probably this is the definition of media watchdog that IndiaToday got from Rajdeep Sardesai.
Requesting all the readers, whether liberal or right-wing or left-wing, if you really are Indians, then do something for the Nation and not against it! Don't just buy any propaganda.

Apparently, India Today who's calling others fake doesn't care to do an introspection!

#Don't stay silent when it comes to your Nation.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

IPL: Why doing away with Dhoni is actually a bad idea for Pune

Just before the shorter format series against England at the beginning of this year, MS Dhoni gave up his captaincy and passed on the baton to Virat Kohli. This meant that Dhoni would not represent India as a captain in any of the formats. Taking the cue probably, the Rising Pune Supergiants IPL team management also announced that Dhoni would not be leading the side anymore. They also went a step ahead and also informed that Dhoni did not step down, but RPS decided to pass the captaincy to someone young as they did not do well in last season.

Now the question is: is it the right decision? We think not.

Making brain-fade Smith as captain and expecting Indians to cheer for them?
Though the brain-fade incident happened much after the announcement of Smith as the replacement of MS Dhoni but we all know the reputation and attitute of Aussies. And choosing one of the Aussies as the captain when you have someone like Dhoni should actually be a very difficult and painful decision to take. But the way RPS announced it proudly showed otherwise. The point here is, if you care about the stature and reputation of someone like Dhoni, you would convince Dhoni to step down and announce that he has chosen to quit the captaincy and not say that we have removed him. It makes a huge difference.

Tweet by the RPS owner's brother after winning their first IPL 2017 match which was later deleted

Dhoni in Team India vs Dhoni of Rising Pune Supergiant
Now one would argue that Dhoni stepping down as Indian ODI and T20 captain did not make any difference in the Indian team and we won both the series so how would it make a difference with RPS? There is a huge difference. 

First and the foremost, Dhoni quit Indian team captaincy so the Kohli can get time to prepare a team for Champions Trophy in June 2017 and eventually for the World Cup in 2019. That is done for the benefit of Indian cricket. IPL is different.

Secondly, if you listen to Kohli after assuming ODI and T20 captaincy, he would always say that he still consider Dhoni as his captain and would take suggestions and learn from him. This was clearly visible in the ODI and T20 series against England when Dhoni and Kohli were seen numerous times on the ground discussing things and taking decisions together. This actually was doubly beneficial as Dhoni was acting like a mentor and at the same time he did not have the burden and pressure of captaincy while batting. It's a win-win situation for Indian team but is it same for RPS?

Not so. In case of RPS, the new captain is Steve Smith, and neither we have heard nor seen him taking advice from Dhoni. He is an full time captain of a rival team Australia and doing so is egoistically not feasible, perhaps. Now that is a lose-lose situation.

I would not say, God save RPS this IPL because they have demeaned the closest God they got.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It's Nationals vs Anti-Nationals on Twitter!

The storm is rising again. Leftists and the 'thekedaar' of free speech have got something to cry about. They have found a girl in DU that believes in their ideology and what's special about her is that she is the daughter of a Kargil martyr. Haven't they found gold!

She raised her voice against the ABVP who tried to stop Umer Khalid from doing a JNU in the DU. Soon an older video surfaced where she talked about making peace with Pakistan. In the video she claimed to be a daughter of Kargil war martyr, which later on proved wrong as her father did not die in Kargil war but in an counter insurgency operation later on. Though it does not make him less of a martyr but they probably used Kargil war in that video as it suited the script better!

But what's interesting is that many among the prominent personalities are not shying away from showing these so called 'liberals' their place on social media.

Virender Sehwag, who is becoming popular by the day on social media replied to the storm by raising another, a typical style of an aggressive batsman:

It went viral in no time, like it does normally. But when it was praised by Randeep Hooda, it was probably too much for a liberal like Shekhar Gupta to digest:

But Randeep did not take much time to show Shekhar his place.

Another solider of free speech in the media, the well known Rana Ayyub pitched in but she dug her own grave like she normally does! Nailed again by Randeep.

'Despite being a girl'? Seriously? This is as stupid as one can get. Two min silence for her employers.

Anyways, a sane person would understand by now and would try to talk sensibly, at least. But that would be too much to expect from Rana, who made another grave mistake in the following tweet:

This was bound to raise storm and the honours were done by none other than Phogat sisters themselves!

See Rana's follow up reply, she could not say anything against Babita however much she wanted to. Got pinned down already, the salt on the wound was rubbed by the elder sis, Geeta!

End of the story!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Uri Attack : International Community Responds

Vikas Swarup, the spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs has shared the comments from various Nations in response to the Uri Attack of Sunday, 18th September 2016.

Many of these nations such as US, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, UAE, Mauritius, Bahrain, Nepal, Bangladesh and UK used strong words to condemn the attack and expressed their solidarity with India.

'United States is committed to our strong partnership with Indian government to combat terrorism.' - US

'...stand with the Government of India in the fight against terrorism.' - Canada

'Japan expressed its solidarity with India in the fight against terrorism.' - Japan

'More than ever, we stand alongside India, France's strategic partner, to fight against this scourge.' - France 

'... according to New Delhi, the attached on military unit near the town of Uri was committed from the territory of Pakistan.' - Russia

'... stands with India in its fight against terrorism.' - Bhutan

' to all actions it may take to confront and eradicate terrorism.' - UAE.

'Mauritius stands in solidarity with the Government of India' - Mauritius 

'full support to the friendly Republic of India in their actions to counter terrorism' - Bahrain 

'Bangladesh firmly stands besides India at this difficult hour' - Bangladesh 

'... stands shoulder to shoulder with India in the fight against terrorism, and in bringing the perpetrators to justice.' - United Kingdom

It is to be noted that the Russia has named Pakistan in their statement and France has named the terror groups including the perpetrator 'Jaish-e-Mohammad'.

In addition to this, UAE and Bahrain said that they support any action that India might take to bring the preparators to justice. This is a strong statement.

It is true that this is a major attack on an Indian military establishment in decades and has rightly drawn such reactions from the International community, but are these comments and condemnations enough? The Nation is expecting strong retaliation from India but the Govt. is yet to take any visible action.

This action might be diplomatic or military or both. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Uri Attack : What eminent personalities are saying?

Uri attack on the 18th Sept Sunday morning was the biggest attack on an Indian Army in recent times with more causalities than #Pathankot.

This attack has got reactions like never before from eminent personalities in the society. Now it matters because it tells the mood of the Nation after this attack and continuous efforts of Pakistan to destabilize Jammu & Kashmir and India at a large.

Starting with the +Olympic medal winning Vijender Singh who went to the extent of saying that 'if Pakistanis have chosen war, let['s] go for it'. This surely is what all the Indians are feeling at the moment.

#Edit : This is being constantly updated! I am sure those at helm can feel the pain too.  +Narendra Modi +PMO India 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

4 Questions by TRAI seeking public opinion on the issue of frequent Call Drops

TRAI asked for the public opinion on the call drop issue and requested the consumers to answer the following 4 questions:
Here are our answers.

Q1: Do you agree that calling consumers should not be charged for a call that got dropped within five seconds? In addition, if the call gets dropped any time after five seconds, the last pulse of the call (minute/second) which got dropped, should not be charged. Please support your viewpoint with reasons along with the methodologies for implementation.

Ans: This is without doubt that calling consumer should not be charged for the dropped call (within 5 sec) but even if the call gets dropped anytime during the length of the conversation, the complete call should not be charged if the length is below 5 minutes OR the first 5 minutes should not be charged if the length is more than that. The cap of five minutes is only in the support of Telecom Companies.

The motive of TRAI and the Ministry of Communications and IT is to meet the quality of service benchmarks and that can be done if strict rules are applied. We want to reach to a situation where calls are not dropped at all, and for that the Regulator and the Govt. should bind the Telecom Companies to take the issue seriously. First 5 sec and Last Pulse limit is very less for these cash rich companies who have ignored this issue since long and are still not serious about it.

Q2: Do you agree that calling consumer should also be compensated for call drops by the access service providers? If yes, which of the following methods would be appropriate for compensating the consumers upon call drop?
(i) Credit of talk-time in minutes/ seconds
(ii) Credit of talk-time in monetary terms
(iii) Any other method you may like to suggest.
Please support your viewpoint with reasons along with the methodologies for implementation.

Ans: Yes, the calling consumer should definitely be compensated and the compensation should be in monetary terms (point ii).

The amount as per the applied tariff should be credited to the consumers' prepaid or postpaid account with reference to the rules mentioned in the first point. The credit compensation is important because, Telecom users in the present time use various services in addition to the calling through the mobile phones. If the compensation is made in the monetary terms, the consumer can avail it in a better way.

Q3: If the answer to the Q2 is in the affirmative, suggest conditions/limits, if any, which should be imposed upon the provision of crediting talk-time upon call drop and usage thereof.

Ans:  The amount as per the tariff of the consumer should be credited to the consumers' prepaid or postpaid account in monetary terms with reference to the rules mentioned in the first point. He should be able to use that credit across services that the Telecom Operator provides.

Q4: Is there any other relevant issue which should be considered in the present consultation on the issue of call drops?

Ans: Apart from Call Drops, many customers are also facing the poor connectivity issues inside their houses or offices or at certain places. To overcome this, the Telecom Companies should be bound to release mapping of the signal strength at the different parts of the city like it happen in few other countries.

These questions can be accessed at the this link: 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Do One Mumbai, Loose Balochistan" - How Pakistan and Media misinterpreted it.

Media, Pakistan and many others are interpreting this comment of Shri Ajit Doval as a threat to Pakistan that if they do another Mumbai, they might loose Balochitstan. But probably, in the race to create headlines, or because of the cluttered mindset, people have overlooked and misinterpreted the statement.

Though, none other than Shri Doval can accurately tell us what he meant, here is one logical interpretation.
What Shri Doval said: 
"You can do one Mumbai, you may loose Balochistan."

If you look closely, there is no "One more Mumbai". Now, if you listen to the complete clipping of the below video (find the details here), you will see that he was giving a speech to students at a University and was telling them the Modes of Engagement.


What he actually meant:
After explaining the Modes of Engagement and the importance of the Defensive Offense Mode, he said if India has adopted this mode instead of the Defensive Mode which India was on at the time of Mumbai 2008, Pakistan would have known that if they go ahead with those attacks, they might loose Balochitsan and they might have never done it.

Though, it does not matter if Shri Doval has actually issued this threat; he is very much entitled to do that, but misinterpretation is a crime.

And dear Pakistan, you can always go ahead and take this as a threat; if that serves you better.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

How India nailed Pakistan in the War of Words and Diplomacy

Even after the strict warning from the Indian side against the meeting of Pakistani Govt. with the separatist group Hurriyat's leaders alongside the NSA Level talks; defiant Pakistan continued to do whatever possible to make India cancel the talks and earn a brownie point in their fake International Diplomacy. (Though we believe that the matter of Terrorism, ceasefire violations and infiltration needs to be handled on ground with appropriate military action; but we also know that diplomacy should also proceed in it's own merit.)

On this, +Ministry of External Affairs, India spokesperson, Vikas Swarup issued a strict advisory to Pakistan against meeting with the separatist Hurriyat leaders from +Jammu & KashmirLink to the Media Video

Paksitan's MEA and NSA Sartaj Ajiz called a press conference and reiterated that Pakistan wants to include Kashmir in the talks and would meet Hurriyat leaders.

You can watch him in the following video:

To these points India's MEA Sushma Swaraj sent a stern and apt reply which every Indian should know and understand.

First she clarified the meaning of so called "Dialog" and stated that this scheduled meeting between the two NSAs is neither the Composite Dialog or the Resumed Dialog that started between India and Pakistan in 1998.

Rather, it is a meeting to proceed in the direction to enable the two countries to resume that Resumed Dialog.

She clearly mentioned that to resume the Composite Dialog which includes the topic of Jammu & Kashmir among the other topics, we have to first talk on Terrorism, Ceasefire violations and the issues that are obstructing the regular dialog process. This NSA Level, DG BSF & DG Pakistan Rangers, and DGMOs talks is a step in that direction.

But it takes a sensible person, entity, Nation or leadership to understand this.

In her own words,
  1. भारत और पाकिस्तान के बीच में होने वाली हर बातचीत को वार्ता नहीं कहा जा सकता| 
  2. ... उस Composite Dialogue को ही हिंदी में वार्ता कहते हैं । बाकी जो भी बातचीत होती है वो साधारण बातचीत है । 
  3. (1998 में) ये पहला Composite Dialog था जिसमें यह शब्द आया जो बार बार सरताज़ अज़ीज साहब कह रहे हैं, All Outstanding Issues including Jammu & Kashmir ।
  4. 2010 में वापस इसको (Composite Dialog) बहाल करने की बात की गयी और इसका नाम बदल कर Resumed Dialog रख दिया गया । 
  5. लेकिन 2012 में जब सीमा पे फायरिंग हुई और beheading की घटना हुई, हेमराज जो हमारे सैनिक थे उसका सर गया, और उस समय प्रधानमंत्री मनमोहन सिंह जी का बयान आया, 'There cannot be a Business as usual with Pakistan', तो यह प्रक्रिया रुक गई ।
  6. उफ़ा में जब प्रधानमंत्री नवाज़ शरीफ़ और प्रधानमंत्री +Narendra Modi मिले, तो Composite Dialog या Resumed Dialog की बहाली नहीं हुई... जो बार बार कह रहे हैं सरताज़ साहब कि On all outstanding issues including Jammu & Kashmir.
    On all outstanding issues [के बारे में] यह कहा गया की we are prepared for that, वो preamble में रखा गया । लेकिन एक Operative Part उफ़ा का बना । [Read it here].
  7. हम बार बार कहते हैं की Terror and Talks can't go together, आतंकवाद और बातचीत एक साथ नहीं चल सकते । और हम यह भी कहते हैं कि कोई भी सार्थक बातचीत आतंक और हिंसा से मुक्त वातावरण में ही हो सकती है । A productive dialog can take place in an environment free from Terror and Violence... तो दोनों प्रधानमंत्रियों के बेच यह सहमति बनी के क्यों न हम पहले आतंक और हिंसा के संदर्भ में ही बात कर लें। यानि Terror और Talks को de-link किया गया। 
  8.  और उफ़ा में यह सहमति बनी के हम एक बातचीत आतंक पर कर लेते हैं और एक बातचीत सीमा पर शांति के लिए कर लेते हैं । तो आप देखेंगे के Composite Dialog में जो स्तर था Counter Terrorism का वो Home Secretary level था। उस स्तर को बढ़ाया गया। 
  9. ये बात मौखिक नहीं हुई थी, ये बात लखित में हुई थी । 
  10. तीन मीटिंग इसमें तय हुई और वो तीन मीटिंग में से
    एक मीटिंग थी NSA स्तर की - जो आतंकवाद पे होनी थी
    एक मीटिंग थी DG-BSF और [DG-]Pakistan Rangers की - जो सीमा पर शांति के लिए होनी थी
    और एक मीटिंग थी DGMOs की - जो Ceasefire Violations के सन्दर्भ में होनी थी 
  11. ये तीनो चीज़ें इतनी क्लियर थी, दोनों ने सहमति दी और दोनों विदेश सचिवों ने पढ़कर सुनाई।
  12. भारत की तरफ से 23 July को खत चला गया, उसका जवाब कब आया आप जानते हैं - 14 अगस्त को। आज से 8 दिन पहले। हमने एक महीने का नोटिस दिया, वो 22 दिन तक उसको लेकर बैठे रहे। 
  13. DGMOs की तारीख़ आज तक नहीं आई। DG-BSF की मीटिंग की तारीख़ NSA की मीटिंग के बाद की दी - 6 सितम्बर की।
  14. तीनों मीटिंग्स न हो इसकी बुनियाद उन्होंने रख दी। 
  15. मित्रों दबाव हम पर काम नहीं था क्यूंकि उन्होंने जाने के बाद [उफ़ा से] आतंक का रास्ता छोड़ने के, उस आतंक को गहराया।
    उफ़ा से लेके अब तक 91 बार Ceasefire Violation हुआ है।
    केवल वो संघर्ष विराम के उल्लंघन तक नहीं रुके, 27 जुलाई को गुरदासपुर घटा। [Read about it here]
    एक सप्ताह के अंदर ही उधमपुर घटा जिसमें हमारे BSF के जवान भी मारे गए और एक आतंकवादी इनका ज़िंदा पकड़ा गया
    ।  [Read about it here]
  16. ये घटनाएं कारण बन रही है, और भी ज्यादा प्रासंगिक बन रही हैं के ये टॉक्स होनी चाहिए। हमने घर का हर दबाव झेला। हर राजनीतिक दल का दबाव झेला। 
  17. पर ultimately इन्होने एजेंडा जब हमारे पास व्यापक करके भेजा तब हमने इनको 18 तारीख़ को जवाब दिया और कहा कि देखिये आपने जो हमें कहा हैं के आतंकवाद के अलावा सो सारी बातें आपने Composite Dialog वाली कह दी; [लेकिन] यह जो मीटिंग NSA के स्तर पे होनी है, ये आतंकवाद पे ही होगी। इसमें कोई दूसरा विषय नहीं जुड़ सकता। 
  18. भारत वो माहौल बनाना चाहता है जिसमें वो [Composite Dialog वाली] बातचीत हो सके।  और उफ़ा में जो हुआ मित्रों, वो Resumed Dialog को बहाल करने के लिए नहीं हुआ, Composit Dialog को बहाल करने के लिए नहीं हुआ, बल्कि Composit Dialog जो बाद में Resumed Dialog के नाम से जाना जाता है, उसको शुरू करने का माहौल बने, इसलिए हुआ। 
  19. जितने विषय आज Pakistan कह रहा है, All outstanding issues including Jammu & Kashmir, उन सब पर बात होगी। लेकिन कब होगी, जब पहले आतंकवाद और हिंसा समाप्त होगी। और आतंकवाद और हिंसा समाप्त हो, इसके लिए ये बातचीत तय की गयी है।
  20. अब इस बातचीत को ही ख़त्म कर दो, इस बातचीत में ही मत आओ, उसके दायरे को बड़ा कर दो, फिर हुर्रियत को stakeholder मानो, मित्रों कोई शिमला के समझौते की spirit भी है। दोनों देश हस्ताक्षरी हैं उसपर। जिसमें हमने यह कहा है कि जब भी भारत और पाकिस्तान के बीच में वार्ता होगी, मैं वार्ता शब्त इस्तेमाल कर रही हूँ, तो केवल भारत और पाकिस्तान दो देशों के बीच में होगी। ना कोई तीसरी पार्टी ना कोई तीसरा व्यक्ति उसमें मध्यहस्ता करेगा, ना भागिदार होगा।
  21. उफ़ा की spirit का सम्मान करते हुए आप बातचीत का दायरा आतंकवाद से आगे मत ले जाइये और आप आना चाहते हैं तो ये दोनों बातें मैं आपसे कहती हूँ, आप तीसरे को पक्षकार मत बनाइये - भारत और पाकिस्तान के बीच में बातचीत होनी चाहिए - और आतंकवाद से आगे दायरा मत बढाइये, आपका स्वागत है। 
  22. Composite Dialog के issues NSA Level पे तय नहीं हो सकते।
  23. उफ़ा की सहमति बिलकुल एक अलग सहमति है और दोनों चुने हुए प्रधानमंत्रिओं के बीच में बनी है। 
  24. Terror and Talks नहीं हो सकते पर Talk on Terror तो desirable है। 
  25. मैं आज भी कह रही हूँ के आप तीसरे पक्ष को पक्षकार मत बनाइए, बात भारत और पाकिस्तान के बीच में कीजिये और आतंकवाद से आगे इस बातचीत का दायरा मत ले जाइये। केवल आतंकवाद पे बात करने आइये, आपका स्वागत है। 

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Pakistan was not able to understand what they have signed in Ufa and they had to cancel the talks later to have a better understanding on it.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

जगाओ मेरा देश

Sunday की सुबह, आराम से अपने gadgets के साथ time बिता रहा था।  तभी flat के बहार से ढोल की तेज़ आवाज़ ने disturb कर दिया। मन में विचार आया की ये क्या अनन्याय है? अपने घर में भी शांति से नहीं रह सकते है क्या?
जब balcony में जा के देखा तो विचार गधे के सिंग की तरह गायब हो गए ।  एक 7 - 8 साल की लड़की पतली से रस्सी पे करतब दिखा रही थी। उसकी माँ थाली बजा रही थी और भाई ढोल। पहले round में सर पर बर्तन रख कर चलना था, फिर slipper पहन कर, फिर थाली को पैरों में ले कर, etc । हर round के साथ difficulty level और बढ़ जाता। इसी बीच 3 - 4 लोग अपने घर से बहार निकल के तमाशा देखने आ गए। अपने साथ अपने बच्चो को भी ले आये। 
तमाशा खत्म होने पर किसी ने ताली नहीं बजाई। सब पैसे देने के डर से ऐसे बर्ताव करने लगे जैसे उन्होंने तो कुछ देखा ही नहीं। कुछ लोगो ने चिल्लर निकल कर दान धर्म पूरा कर लिया। ये बताना ज़रूरी नहीं है की पैसे थाली में दूर से डाले गए जैसे की वो अछूत हो। पैसे ले कर ये 3 सदस्य परिवार बिना वक्त ज़ायर किये अपना सामान उठा कर आगे (अगले show के लिए) चला गया। और मैं नम आखो से blogger खोल कर बैठ गया। 

दोष किसको देता - 300 साल के मुग़ल राज को ? 200 साल के अंग्रेजी साम्राज्य को ? 60 साल के congress राज को ? या 7 महीने पुरानी अच्छी सरकार को ? क्युकी दोष देना तो ज़रूरी है न। हिन्दू मुस्लमान को  दोषी कहते है, मुस्लमान हिन्दू को। पिछड़े ब्राह्मण को और ब्राह्मण reservation को। congress bjp को और bjp  बाकी सबको। 
जिस देश में बच्ची को अपना पेट  भरने के लिए जानलेवा करतब करने पड़ते है वो देश तो दोष साबित करने में मग्न है। किसी और की बेटी को ऐसा करते दिखने के लिए अपनी बेटी को भी साथ में लाया जाता है। तमाशा ख़त्म होने पर साफ़ सुथरे कपडे पहनी convent स्कूल की बच्ची एक निर्जीव आँखों वाली लड़की को 10 का नोट देती है। क्या यही है वो गौरवशाली भारतीय संस्कृति जिसका उल्लेख Chinese, Greek और European किया करते थे। 
आजम खान, योगी आदित्यनाथ और ओवैसी के लिए हिन्दू या मुस्लमान होना बड़ा है चाहे ऐसी बच्चियों का पेट भरे या नहीं। उन्हें क्या मतलब। चाहे देश का प्रधान सेवक लाल किले से 10 साल कोमी एकता का आह्वान कर ले। निरंजन ज्योति को क्या मतलब। VHP को क्या मतलब। वो तो बस गिनती देखते है। इतने मुस्लमान और इतने हिन्दू। कितने भूखे मुस्लमान और कितने भूखे हिन्दू इससे उन्हें क्या लेना। बस गिनती बढ़ जानी चाहिए जैसे Agra में बढ़ गयी। 
आज देश की दुर्दशा ऐसी है की विकास के model को छोड़ कर सभी लोगो को अपना धर्म, अपनी जाति याद आ रही है। जब सत्यार्थी को दुनिया सम्मान दे रही होती है तब हम गोडसे जैसे हत्यारे को सम्मान स्वरूप clean-chit दे रहे होते है। वह रे मेरे देश। 

जन-गण-मन लिखने वाले Tagore ने "where the mind is without fear" भी लिखी थी। P V Vartak का बस चलता तो इस कविता को भी देश विरोधी बोल देते। पर मुझे लगता है आज के इस भारत को Tagore की बात को सुनने की ज़रूरत है। इसे संजीदगी से पढ़े और सोचे क्या हमे ऐसा भारत देश नहीं चाहिए, क्या अब इस देश को नींद से नहीं उठ जाना चाहिए। .... 

जगाओ मेरा देश, जगाओ मेरा देश 
मन में भय की बूँद भी न हो , माथा ऊंचा लहराए 
ज्ञान मुक्त आज़ाद ले साँसे , धरती बाँट न पाये 
सच की कोख से शब्द जनम ले , कर्म की धरा कल कल 
दौड़े रेगिस्तान चीर दे नदी विचार की छल छल 
चौड़ा सीना अभिमान का, न हो टुकड़े टुकड़े 
भाव सुरीले बंदिश में हो और सुरीले मुखड़े 
प्रहार करो (हे प्रभु), प्रहार करो 
जगाओ मेरा देश, जगाओ मेरा देश 

(प्रसून जोशी का रहमान के लिए लिखा गया संस्करण)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

What PM Modi said in UN in reply to Pakistan on Kashmir

India's Response to Pakistan on Kashmir in the UN

Nawaz Sharif : More than six decades ago, the United Nations passed resolutions to hold a plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are still waiting for the fulfillment of that promise.

Many generations of Kashmiris have lived their lives under occupation, accompanied by violence and abuse of their fundamental rights. Kashmiri women, in particular, have undergone immense suffering and humiliation. 

For decades, attempts have been made, both under UN auspices and bilaterally in the spirit of the Lahore Declaration, to resolve this dispute.

The core issue of Jammu and Kashmir has to be resolved. This is the responsibility of the international community. We cannot draw a veil on the issue of Kashmir, until it is addressed in accordance with the wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan is ready to work for resolution of this problem through negotiations. Our support and advocacy of the right to self-determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir is our historic commitment and a duty; as a party to the Kashmir dispute.

Narendra Modi's response:

+Narendra Modi  : This includes Pakistan. I am prepared to engage in a serious bilateral dialogue with Pakistan in a peaceful atmosphere, without the shadow of terrorism, to promote our friendship and cooperation. However, Pakistan must also take its responsibility seriously to create an appropriate environment. Raising issues in this forum is not the way to make progress towards resolving issues between our two countries. Instead, today, we should be thinking about the victims of floods in Jammu and Kashmir. In India, we have organized massive flood relief operations and have also offered assistance for Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.