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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Bengal standard Politics in BCCI?

India has just lost 0-3 to South Africa in the ODI series after losing the Test Series 1-2. This is among the worst performance of Team India in recent times and all is happening after a great amount of politics is being played in the dressing room and BCCI.

Ganguly, the newly appointed BCCI chief has brought many changes to Team India. Changes are good when they are for the greater good but not so good when they are just for Politics (and maybe proving a point or setting scores). When he came at the helm of BCCI, Ravi Shashtri was coach and Kohli was the captain.

Soon after, the Ravi Shashtri era has ended, and then Kohli retired from firstly ODIs and then Test. One can imagine the amount of politics being played in the background. We are not saying that politics was never played in Cricket or that it was all rosy before Ganguly, but the well-wishers of Indian Cricket should know where to draw the line.

We see Ganguly as a man who can take strong decisions which can be a good part of his presidentship, the only caveat is that these decisions should be for the good of Indian Cricket and not for the sake of playing Politics. Sadly, the latter looks to be true at present.

You do not have to go very far in the past, but if you remember how the transition happened at the time of Dhoni when he retired from the Test captainship and then the ODI, the focus was on the betterment of Indian cricket and passing the baton in a right way. If you remember, even when he passed on the captainship to Kohli, he was there as a mentor and made sure the new captain had all the required support. The same thing cannot be said to be true in the present transition.

We hope someone grabs the Indian Flag before falling on the ground like Dhoni did in this incident.


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