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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The Second Blunder - Appeasing the un-appeasable


The problem with good things - like everything else - is that it is not permanent. There will be ebbs & flows, ups & downs, and better & worse. But the problem occurs when you change the ideals that you are known for.

BJP, of the all other big parties in India, is known for its ideology. In other words, among all the main parties, BJP has kept its ideology constant for a long time, even when it has just 2 seats in Lok Sabha in 1984 or when it famously lost by 1 vote in 1997. However much you might be hating the party, it cannot be denied that this is the party with a difference. And fairly so, it has been awarded by the people's love and support which is evident from the various elections in the last 8 years.

But is BJP taking this love for granted? Are they sacrificing the support for a better international image? The thing with image is that it is built better when you stay strong and not give in. In this case, it looks like, the BJP is trying to adopt the shorter route.

It all started when one of their spokesperson has said the unspeakable. He who must not be named was spoken about in a heated TV debate. Hell broke loose in the break-India section of India and hate-India section of the world. The usual suspects cached in the opportunity including a 'bears from the zoo'1 & the intelligent Pakisand soon the issue went international. So much so that few of the Nations who are normally used to answer diplomatic summons have got opportunity to send summons to Indian envoys in their countries over this issue.

And then the world's largest political party by the number of registered members did something that these members did not think in their modest of the dreams especially after they witnessed what BJP ruled Govt did in the Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga3 case. Here, they not only suspended the spokesperson but also called her a 'fringe' element in the statement4.

The common BJP supporter was taken aback. The first question they asked themselves was, 'why'? High moral ground? You don't want to angry the Arab world (why?). You fear that this might incite incidents of communal violence internally? Or you just wanted to play safe?

Whatever the reason was, the decision seemed not to work. It actually did the reverse. It embolden the forces behind this outrage and country after country issued statements related to this incident even after the suspension was announced. The MEA is having a busy week at work. And yesterday, the almighty('s) al-kaeda (with a q) issued a threat of suicide attacks on many  of the Indian cities5

It would be interesting to see what the BJP Govt. would do to handle this situation which is blowing out of proportion now. Will they take a stand in favor of their ideology or another stand in favor of the suspension of Nupur Sharma and will continue the appeasement of the oil-rich middle east.

And while writing this, let us remind ourselves of that National address by PM Modi in which the Farm Laws were repealed. Pundits are still trying to analyze what did BJP gained by that appeasement of fake 'annadatas' who blocked highways instead of ploughing fields.

Until next time!
Make a difference. Keep the Nation first.


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