Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why the flag of Indian Navy still reminds us of our colonial past?

Have you noticed the Flag of Indian Navy (Indian Naval Ensign)? See it below and you will notice that it's another souvenir that the British left for us. The Red Cross having National Emblem at it's center and Indian flag at the top right corner resembles the Royal Navy's Ensign in every way. Doesn't it rings question in your mind that why are we still bearing the burden of our past? I've got few of the answers for you!

Left: Indian Navy Ensign | Right: Royal Navy Ensign

Navy's present ensign does has a little history attached to it. Indian Navy Flag was first displayed in 1950 which was same as the present flag minus the Emblem at the center. Which means they just replaced the Union Jack with the Indian National Flag. 

Thankfully, we are not the only ones since then, having this burning question in our minds that why did nobody thought of removing the British heritage (red cross) from it? The question must have aroused which finally led to a change in 2001. From 15th August 2001, a new ensign was introduced which was not having the Red Cross; instead it had a blue coloured Crest of Indian Navy at it's bottom right (pic below).

Indian Naval Ensign from 2001 to 2004

But soon it was noticed that the design has a flaw as the blue color of the crest is getting visibly submerged in the blues of the ocean and the sky which made the flag hard to spot from a distance. This led to another change in the design but what's surprising this time was that the thinkers of then brought back the Red Cross in the design and just Indianized it by putting our National Emblem at the middle. 

This new flag is the official Naval Ensign of India since 25th April 2004 till present day. I found two news articles from 2004 stating the change. You can read them here and here.

The whole point of raising this issue is the feeling that we have when we see the present Navy Flag. It reminds us, in bold letters, of our not-so-glorious colonial past! My question is that, if you really had to change the design of the ensign in 2004 because of the technical flaws, why did you go back to the old one making the whole story meaningless? It's like admitting a mistake committed in 2001 when the ensign was changed for the first time since independence. It's like sending out a message that you are very proud of your colonial past and you cannot let the memories of it fade away!

Were we so deprived of good designers at that time or nobody actually took the pain of being creative? Apart from the Navy, the flags of the other entities of the Indian Armed Forces are also very basic with minimal design (though they do not carry colonial memories). A good way to get a good design is to outsource it to the Indian public, like what they did with the Rupee Symbol and couple of other things. It really works and proves that a billion strong India cannot be short of talent in any walk of life, it's just about putting the right talent at right place!

Jai Hind!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mango People in Banana Republic: A psychological analysis!

Mr. Vadra's infamous five-word sentence did cost him his Facebook account! He must be hoping if undoing the DLF affairs could be so simple as deleting the FB account! But the point is whether he really wants to undo it? Is he thinking of it as a bad dream from which he wants to wake up as soon as possible or are these just few dark moments in his otherwise sunny life? If we sit back and do a little psychological analysis on that fruity phrase he said, we would feel that Mr. Vadra is not on the same page as his fellow congressmen on this matter.

If he were, then why would he make mockery of an issue which has already set every senior congressmen's back on fire? When you are the glowing face of every news channel on National Television, and when every media person is trying to get your word on the issue, even a naive person would think 10 times before saying anything that could be taken against him; silly humour being the last thing amongst it!

Image courtesy: to it's original publishers.

Then why on earth he did it? Maybe it's just one stupid little mistake he made but even mistakes are not made out of vacuum. It's probably the over confidence and lack of fear gripping the first son-in-law of the country that is making him feel above the "mango" people and out of reach to the laws of his "banana" republic! And I am damn sure he never wikied the term banana republic, the first few lines of which I will leave you readers with...

banana republic is a politically unstable country that economically depends upon the exports of a limited resource and usually features a society composed of stratified social classes, such as a great, impoverished working class and a ruling plutocracy, composed of the élites of business, politics, and the military.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

India’s T20 World Cup ouster: Did they try hard enough?

Yes, I am disappointed like we all are by the fact that we are no longer in the contention of that World Cup Trophy, but what’s more heart breaking is the way it happened.

I’ll put simple facts here. Dhoni said in the presentation that we missed some opportunities to score more runs but I say that the real opportunity missed was during the second half of the match.

We did quite well to take early wickets but when the South Africans tried to stabilize and were nearing hundred, no special effort was seen on Dhoni’s part to stop those easy flowing singles. Those runs really took the chance away from us. While the commentators kept on saying that he should bring more fielders into the ring, nothing of that sort was going into Dhoni’s mind.

It was make or break time. We were all clear while watching the match that India should play for qualification. A victory without that is of no significance. If you have seen those overs when South Africa was nearing their hundred, you will agree that it did not seem like India was playing with the target of 121 in mind.

Now, this world cup journey might very well look close to satisfactory on papers, as we only lost to Australia and it required a bit of luck to enter the semis, but those who have witnessed the live action would know that more could have done.

Now, Dhoni always has his excuses with him. Right after he lost the toss, he said he would have also fielded first as it’s good to have a target in front for the qualification perspective. That’s correct but that does not mean it’s the only way out. The aim was to achieve the target, which today was to qualify for semis, not just to give a decent performance.
We live the game here in India; it’s not taken as just a sport here. The fans, even today, modify their ongoing routine to watch India play and while doing that they do not expect anything less than 100% from the team. Those who say, “it’s just a sport”, should keep this in mind.

I hope the Indian captain will understand it soon enough and he’ll stop thinking that “enjoying in the field irrespective of win or loss” is enough!