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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mango People in Banana Republic: A psychological analysis!

Mr. Vadra's infamous five-word sentence did cost him his Facebook account! He must be hoping if undoing the DLF affairs could be so simple as deleting the FB account! But the point is whether he really wants to undo it? Is he thinking of it as a bad dream from which he wants to wake up as soon as possible or are these just few dark moments in his otherwise sunny life? If we sit back and do a little psychological analysis on that fruity phrase he said, we would feel that Mr. Vadra is not on the same page as his fellow congressmen on this matter.

If he were, then why would he make mockery of an issue which has already set every senior congressmen's back on fire? When you are the glowing face of every news channel on National Television, and when every media person is trying to get your word on the issue, even a naive person would think 10 times before saying anything that could be taken against him; silly humour being the last thing amongst it!

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Then why on earth he did it? Maybe it's just one stupid little mistake he made but even mistakes are not made out of vacuum. It's probably the over confidence and lack of fear gripping the first son-in-law of the country that is making him feel above the "mango" people and out of reach to the laws of his "banana" republic! And I am damn sure he never wikied the term banana republic, the first few lines of which I will leave you readers with...

banana republic is a politically unstable country that economically depends upon the exports of a limited resource and usually features a society composed of stratified social classes, such as a great, impoverished working class and a ruling plutocracy, composed of the élites of business, politics, and the military.

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