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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What's going on... Ruchika?

The verdict is out and it is shameful! SPS Rathore, the molester of Ruchika, harasser of the family, especially Ruchika’s brother and the reason for Ruchika’s suicide, has been sentenced 6 months imprisonment and Rs.1000 fine! No surprise, he came out of the court laughing and smiling.
He was not laughing on the verdict but he was laughing on the system, the country, its people. Something like this has not happened for the first time and common people do face all kinds of problems related to the police, the government and the whole system. If you have not got a chance to deal with the system, you are lucky enough but ask those who put all their strength but are not able to file an FIR with police for the evils happened to them.
This case, now being highlighted by the media, is raising the public outrage against Rathore and it is expected that Ruchika’s family will get actual justice soon; at least soon in comparison to what they have got after 19 years. But this is not the end, we all are talking about it because we are being told about this in the newspapers, on the TV, and where not, but there are lot such cases remains that never come into light and ends or brought to an end without justice! Nothing will change until we learn to stand up and fight against the wrongs done to us and fellow people.Ruchika and SPS Rathore
Ruchika’s case is not just a fight against a bad cop and corrupt system but it is about the fight of good against the evil. It is ironical that despite everyone knew that what is right and what is not, nobody in the system was brave enough to stand for the family, and for the truth. Everyone from police to politicians were doing their best to keep the case down and dead.
What was it, was it the power of a person? Or the power of money? No, it was the way of thinking. An inspector, who is going to arrest Ruchika’s brother with the police party in a false car theft case knows that he is doing wrong but he is so used to doing the wrong things that he doesn’t care anymore. All this situation is not raised in one day by a single or a group of bad persons but it took many corrupt and weak-willed men to bring the system and society to this level from where there seems no going back. But the situation can definitely improve, not in a single day though! It will take days and the input of every single good human being. We all “who cares” have to work as a catalyst to improve the things around us and to make it a better place to live.
Shame to those good people, who have the power and authority to act and bring about the change but are not doing it because of “who cares” attitude, because of the fear of the known and because of the lack of willingness to act. We have to wake up and say “we care” so that no other Ruchika has to swallow poison due to the atrocities happened to her and her family!


  1. ...u said absolutly correct..but ..!!!
    Sant Kabir had said.."kathni meethi khaand si karni vishh ki loe; kathni se karni karay toh vishh se amrit hoey.."
    .....but yeh karni karay kaun...neither u r in that position nor I....even if you were in that postion u might have taken just few steps to clear your conscience...."I have tried,but..."
    ...the one who are supposed to take action are ON-HIGH ALERT ONLY AFTER the AttackS...!

  2. Well said Rahul..what really amazes me is the level of tolerance we have which is just not worth it. No one is ready to act unless he/she is effected by the system directly.Lets just hope someday things will change till then its all on the few good people around.
    Good point taken though.