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Thursday, March 18, 2010

It feels great to cheer for India…!

Back from the finals of Commonwealth Boxing Championship today evening, it was a nice experience. I went there to cheer for Indian Boxers and am really happy that all six of them who made it to the finals have won the Gold Medal.
It feel really special to be there and give your countrymen support when they really need it. I recently went to the Hockey World Cup match between India and England and it was an equally great experience. The extent to which I shouted in those 70 minutes over there, I couldn’t even have collectively shouted in an 7 hour ODI Cricket Match.
All I want to say that its not about a particular sport, rather its about supporting the representatives of the country, which can be in any sport or broadly, can be in any thing. Because sports are a big platform, and when any country does good in any sport at a world stage, then it makes every countrymen proud and plus it sends a positive vibe around the world which reciprocates in a beneficial way, sooner or later.
Today, when we talk about sports in the country, we mainly talk about cricket. But things are changing now, thanks of the efforts of different people who are helping Indian sportspersons to believe that they can do it; assuring them that you try to do it and you’ll find a billion strong country standing behind you in your support. When we won medal in boxing in the last Olympics, I heard that the reason why we were not able to win the medals till then was that our boxers were not even thinking about winning. They were like, go to the Olympics, give your best shot and try to come to 5th-6th position and that would be good enough. The belief that we can win the gold was not there. Once those seeds of this belief was sown in the hearts of the boxers, they came out with results. And this is what is to be done with all the other sports and this is what has started to happen.
I found no reason why can’t a country with such manpower and talent come up with handful of athletes required to play any particular sport, who can not only represent the country strongly at the world stage but can also come out as winners from there. I hope the things will get better and as the country is waking up on this issue, the problems like providing infrastructure, giving training, and finding the right talent will soon be resolved. And we’ll wait for the time – which has to come soon enough – when India will stand at the top of the medal tally of the biggest of the events like the Olympics.
Rahul Gupta

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