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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dirty Politician and Dumb Voter...

When it is so clear that these politicians do dirty vote bank politics all the times and especially at the time of elections, they why is the Indian voter so dumb and stupid to understand that? Why he cannot understand that the politician who is wooing you today for your vote will let you get kicked by the other group of people when he will need their vote more than yours.

The politicians’ biggest concern today are just two, vote and money. Vote bank politics and Corruption is they all know. And the dirtiest part is that they are proudly and publically doing it and the whole country is aware of it. Do you know even a single politician today who puts the Nation and its people before money and vote?

Partyism is another dirty word that everybody uses. It is really ridiculous to see the Prime Minister of a country speaking in a political rally. You’ll say that it is routine, everybody does that. Yes, everybody does that and it might also be happening in other countries as well but is it appropriate? The Prime Minister and Cabinet once elected and set to work is no more a bunch of people from a party but are the representatives of the people of India. There has to a lot of difference in the behavior of a Member of Parliament (MP) and a Minister. An MP might talk about the right and interest of a group of people because he represents them but a Minister should have country in mind. Even an MP does not truly discharges his duty for the people he represents because he has other personals things to do which are mainly earning money from wherever it comes and buying votes however possible.

There is a long way ahead for the Indian Political System to go which is presently at the off-roads and not even on the correct path. The great Indian voter should also rise from the dream of a miracle happening to the Indian Politics and should actually play his part well. Instead of thinking ‘nothing can be done’, he should stand up, know his rights, fight for it and in turn send a positive signal to all those disheartened Indian around. Be the change you want to see in the world, Gandiji said. And change is what is required today.