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Friday, November 23, 2012

Tragedy is when the Government mocks the very institutions that are created to help it 'Govern'

"Mr. CAG, where is the Rs. 1,76,000 Crore?" taunted Manish Tiwari who is recently promoted to head the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. He's the same Manish Tiwari who said, "Anna is deep into corruption from head to toe!" during the first wave of anti-corruption movement started by erstwhile Team Anna; a comment for which he had to apologize later.

Today, the bigwigs of Government are questioning the reports and findings of CAG, an authority established by the Constitution of India, which the Government is supposed to protect and execute. The institutions like CAG are given such stature and authority so that they can ensure smooth functioning of the Government, but at the same time, warn the Government if there is any discrepancy in it's actions.

CAG performed the same duty when it exposed the various scams like CWG, 2G and Coal Mining. But it seems like the Government is over-loaded with it's self pride and esteem that it cannot accept anyone pointing fingers at it's functioning, even the institutions enacted by the very constitution it is there to serve.

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Isn't it like cutting the very branch you are sitting on? Isn't it un-constitutional? Not only CAG, present Government has also commented on the decisions and the advices of the Supreme Court in past, asking it not to interfere in the working of executive. Couple of days back, the Supreme Court slamed Government for being casual on the 2G auctions. Many believe and it is quite clear that it is a deliberate attempt by the Government to purposefully fail the 2G auction to save it's face and undermine CAG.

The incidents like these exposes the actions and the way of thinking of people who are actually unfit to govern the Nation. Not all of them are corrupt, but we have to observe the play and ensure that the people with incorrect mindset, wrong intentions and who are incapable of taking India to next level should not be sitting in the temple of democracy we call The Parliament.

The constitution is made to serve the nation and to serve us, and like Government and the politicians, we the people of India also have a duty towards it.

Jai Hind!

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