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Friday, February 7, 2014

Political Myths and Dharma

Recently when I visited my home town I witnessed what change the Indian politics has brought into the lives of residents. I saw green and saffron colored flags hosted on roof and balcony of houses. Instead of political achievement banners, religious banners are being used to lure votes. I was afraid for “where is such a polar and communal politics leading us?”
The house of green supporter

The house of saffron supporter
Earlier, I did not notice such things in my life because I was like many others, busy in routine job. But now I see them, daily. I see it in ‘kattar soch nahi, yuva josh’. I see it in ‘zehar ki kheti’. I see it destroying my dharma everywhere.

The so called ‘right’ wing (doesn’t matter how wrong they are) wants to bring Ram Rajya back. They want India to be declared a Hindu Rashtra. They want to re-define Hindutva.
Meanwhile, the counterpart talks just opposite.

There are myths being spread. If one follows them he/she can never uphold his/her dharma.

Myth: HINDUTVA is proprietary Hindu
Fact: Hindutva, as per supreme court is the way of life. It is equivalent to Indian-ness. But people of India are being misinformed about it that Hindutva is subject to only Hindus. Hindutva doesn’t relate to one Hindu religion. It includes all religions of India.

Myth: We will bring back RAM RAJYA
Fact: Ram Rajya, as per Ramayan is the period of reign of Lord Ram. There is no pain, no injustice in Ram Rajya. No son dies before father. No couple remain childless. Everything is just perfect. Only Ram is king, the chakravarti ruler of Ram Rajya. Can a politician rule like him or is it a myth being spread?

Myth: RAM RAJYA begins in May 2014
Fact: Ram Rajya, was true in treta yuga. In Treta yuga, the bull of dharma stood on 3 legs. It symbolizes that dharma was held more firmly in treta yuga. In next yuga i.e. dwapar yuga, the bull of dharma stood on 2 legs symbolizing decline of dharma. In current yuga i.e. kalyug, the bull of dharma is standing on 1 leg. The decline of dharma has reached its bare minimum in this yuga. And finally at the end of Kalyug the nature will be destroyed and recreated. Then the life cycle will repeat itself. Then will be born one more Ram in treta yuga and his reign will be called Ram Rajya once again. Those who understand the essence of cycles in Hindu dharma knows that Ram Rajya can't be reality in kalyug.

Myth: RAM is a warrior figure
Fact: Often we come across a picture of Ram holding a bow and arrow, ready to aim and shoot. This is the picture we see in political banners. But do we worship this Ram? Do you recall the image of Ram seen in temple? As per temples images he is picturized as a family figure. A man who sit with his wife, brothers and devotees in peace. Similarly Krishna is worshiped as Bal-Gopal and Radha-Krishna holding flute in his hands. Do we worship his poster riding Arjun's chariot in battlefield? Is the politicization of Hindu God historically, culturally and morally correct?

Ram as a warrior
Myth: We have to fight and save AYODHYA
Fact: Ayodhya means A-Yudha. A place which should not be fought about. A kingdom which never attacked anyone. A kingdom of wise king and happy retinue. A kingdom where dharma is upheld. A kingdom where helpless, minority, untouchables each one is protected. How can someone save city without protecting citizens?

The political parties in India are well aware of above facts but they are deliberately trying to twist the truth just for their own interest. It is up to us, the people of India what should we follow ; Political Myths or Dharma.

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