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Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Do One Mumbai, Loose Balochistan" - How Pakistan and Media misinterpreted it.

Media, Pakistan and many others are interpreting this comment of Shri Ajit Doval as a threat to Pakistan that if they do another Mumbai, they might loose Balochitstan. But probably, in the race to create headlines, or because of the cluttered mindset, people have overlooked and misinterpreted the statement.

Though, none other than Shri Doval can accurately tell us what he meant, here is one logical interpretation.
What Shri Doval said: 
"You can do one Mumbai, you may loose Balochistan."

If you look closely, there is no "One more Mumbai". Now, if you listen to the complete clipping of the below video (find the details here), you will see that he was giving a speech to students at a University and was telling them the Modes of Engagement.


What he actually meant:
After explaining the Modes of Engagement and the importance of the Defensive Offense Mode, he said if India has adopted this mode instead of the Defensive Mode which India was on at the time of Mumbai 2008, Pakistan would have known that if they go ahead with those attacks, they might loose Balochitsan and they might have never done it.

Though, it does not matter if Shri Doval has actually issued this threat; he is very much entitled to do that, but misinterpretation is a crime.

And dear Pakistan, you can always go ahead and take this as a threat; if that serves you better.

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