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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Chinese App Ban - First Major Retaliation Off Ground amid India China Stand off

Critics of the Govt are saying that India has made a joke out of martyrdom of Indian soldiers in Galwan, Ladakh by responding through an app ban. However, if you see the kind of response Modi govt has given in the last few years to China (that is nothing), this seems to be a significant step forward.

For an enemy that China is, it can't be justified to have Chinese companies building metros, rails, and other major infrastructure in India. But we have seen that Chinese companies have got many State and Central Govt contracts. This shows the non-seriousness or lack of importance given to the threat of China. The Indian Govt has so far tried to have good ties with it.

But there was a difference. This govt did not allow the Salami Slicing tactics of the Chinese. Not going in too much of that, the first major event was Doklam and the second major one is happening now - Ladakh. Whenever the Chinese try to occupy Indian land, this Govt asked Army not to bow down and matched the Chinese deployment.

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This time China did it to take the attention away from its global virus export. It started in the usual South China Sea and continued till India. But this time they have bitten a lot more than they can digest, leave apart chewing.

Coming to the topic, banning the Chinese app - 59 of them cannot be a normal decision and most probably it would not be the only one. We are already hearing news of many central govt contracts being canceled the Chinese cargo being held up in ports for scrutiny. This is the reason why it should be considered as a good move and pressure should be put on the Govt to take more steps.

China might be an aspiring superpower and might have a lot of money and diplomatic power, but from inside it is a scared, opaque, and fragile country. India has a lot of cards that it has not used since decades against China, be it Trade, Taiwan, or Tibet. 

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