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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Angrez... Getting restless and mannerless

--> It is called the gentleman's game and the term  most probably came from England itself. But if you see the English team on the field during their tour present tour of India, you'll certainly see the "gentlemen" part not being applicable on the present English players. I don't claim Indian cricketers to be most calm ones on the field but the way the English are behaving is miles away from being calm and composed.
India played ODIs after losing all the Tests in England and even while they were losing ODIs one after the other, it looked like their focus was more towards performing in the matches rather than on sledging and venting their frustration out on the other team.

On the other hand, the English players seems to be completely shocked and surprised by the one blow after the other that they don't know how to react, what do to! That might explain their body language and reactions on the field. 10 years back, if an English player had said something to an Indian batsman, he might have had got away with a smile but not today especially in front of this all young Indian cricket team which is filled with a different kind of pride and confidence that the Indian cricket never had before. We are on the top now, and no-one has even a slightest of doubt about that. When asked about the exchange of words part by Ravi Shashrti, Raina clearly said that it's hard to digest one defeat after the other and that they are really willing to send England home with 0-5 clean-sweep gift.

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