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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kabaddi World Cup, 2011

India is hosting the second World Cup of it's very own game, Kabaddi. The matches will be played in various cities of Punjab; the opening ceremony was held yesterday with the performances of stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Sukhwinder Singh. The tournament will continue till 20th November.

The games like Kabaddi are actually attached to the roots of our Country but the response they get from the media and normal public is so cold so far. And it would be wrong to blame the normal public for that. The general medium of information for masses, TV, Radio, and Newspapers are relatively silent on these events. That's because lack of sponsors and money but media can play it's role here.

When I came to know about the Kabaddi World Cup, 2011 many days back, I was pretty excited to see the live action of a sport that we can call truly Indian. And the fact that India won the first Kabaddi world cup held last year and is strong contender this year as well adds to the excitement. Who doesn't want to see his countrymen winning a World Cup, be it of any sport. And I consider India to be a sport loving country more than just a Cricket crazy nation. We are actually excited about watching Indians compete and win, be it Boxing in Commonwealth Games, Hockey in the Olympics or Shooting, Tennis and recent F1 tournaments. We love to see the games because we love to see Indians win. Don't we?

The great Indian telecasting mystery.
An example of how uninformative our various channels of information can get, I tried hard to find out which channel will be telecasting the Kabaddi World Cup, 2011 live but got no information. No website, no news channel, no national daily says about who is going to show these matches. I revived my search today thinking that after the opening ceremony at least, I will get something. Internet told me that Geo TV is going to telecast the tournament but that is for Pakistan, not for India.
Then I watched a report on news channel regarding the opening ceremony and SRK's performance and noted that the footage was courtesy PTC Punjabi. But to my disappointment, the website of the channel is badly managed and it says nothing about the Kabaddi World Cup till today and the links like Program, schedule and Contact Us don't
work. But luckily I found PTC Punjabi up and running on my Tata Sky subscription and I got very relieved when I watched the add of the Kabaddi World Cup Telecast after watching the channel for sometime.

So, the mystery was over now for me and the Kabaddi World Cup would be telecasted  on PTC Punjabi and PTC News live from 1st November to 20th November 2011. I am very disappointed with the lack of info on this but I am very excited to watch the matches that will start from today. India will fight Germany today.

Following link will help you somewhat with the schedule.