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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good thing or the Right thing?

Waking up late on Saturday night watching a nice movie with a mug of tea, what's your great recipe for a weekend? Just finished watching Gone Baby Gone, a 2007 crime mystery. In a world where everything around is trying to entertain you, even the news channels, I like those movies which leaves me with questions in my mind!

If you've seen the movie (or even if you've not), a detective investigating a kidnapping case of little girl finds towards the end of the movie that the police officer heading the investigation (whose 10 yr old kid was murdered in the past) decides to keep the child with himself away from her drug addict mother giving her definitely better upbringing and a better life as a whole. But the detective decides to pull the cover off the mystery and unite the girl with her rightful mother making the right choice.

But he loses his better half, who's also his partner in investigation who leaves him as the outcome and the question remains, has he made the "good" choice?

Answering this is as hard as answering whether Lord Ram has done right thing by abandoning Mata Sita. Good and bad are highly subjective to people and situations whereas right and wrong are little less complicated. But right decisions are not always easy to make and sometimes they come with a huge price tag!


  1. Osho would not have agreed less. This is the point where there is a tryst between the opposites and everything seems to emerge into one making altered point of views objectionable, pointless and useless... like they agree that one man's terrorist is another man's super hero... so what really is this man?!
    Nice writing...

  2. hmhm... yeah, in real life ambiguity is the only permanent thing.