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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Minor Accident for a Major Cause

It was just another working day for me; I was getting ready in the morning hush. Taking a final look at the mirror I quickly pick up my bike keys, helmet and laptop bag. I quickly climb down the stairs to the parking and board my bike. Beating the noon heat and the polluting traffic I was on my way to office. Lost in random thoughts and humming my favorite tunes, I quickly reached office.

 When I was taking the turn into the passage to the office gate may be I wasn’t as aware of the roughness as daily, my vehicle just skids on the loose mud and small stones. I was unable to control it, and in a split second, I find myself flat on the ground. There was nothing serious, just very minor bruises on my elbows and palm, slight scratches on my Pant. I quickly get back on my feet, examine myself and get back on my bike. The security guards realize that I had felt as I enter the gate, having a word with them, I cross the gate.

I park my bike, quickly rush to my floor and head towards the washroom. A colleague notices me and tries to help me out. He suggests me to visit the first aid room, as I was washing my wounds, we were conversing. He then tells me how he had fallen when he had joined newly. I then realize that this had been happening with a lot of people.

The truth was; there was a turn from the main Road into a Passage that led to the Main Entrance of the building. Just at this turn, there was an undergoing construction. Also the road at the turn had broken up. It was completely rough; also a lot of sand and small stones had accumulated there due to the construction. Now due to the obvious turn everyone had to take on this rough surface it was ideal for two wheelers to skid.

I came to the bay and started checking out the work I had to do, I quickly get involved. But I had decided to raise a voice on this issue. I was casually talking to a senior colleague. I told him I want to take it up with the operations team. He discouraged me really badly, saying “You must be careful, you cannot change the world”

Dissatisfied by the suggestion, I drafted a mail to the Operations Team when I got some time apart from work. My mail soon got forwarded to a higher authority and then to another higher authority. Then the concerned person replies - We will surely be working towards constructing the road and then maintaining it as the construction progresses. However, it would take some time to resolve.

Within a week I found the area being filled with fine stones as they generally start when a new road needs to be constructed. It is now left for leveling. I do realize that these things take time. But I learned one thing; you need to raise your voice to get things done. Just because it is a common problem for a huge mass of people, it doesn’t mean that we must wait for someone else to take the step forward.

So friends take your step forward for What Really Matters.

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