Pakistan showcased it's below par mentality in SAARC leaders COVID-19 Summit, yet again. - What really matters


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Monday, March 16, 2020

Pakistan showcased it's below par mentality in SAARC leaders COVID-19 Summit, yet again.

The occasion was a video conference called by Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi on Sunday, 15th March 2020 for the SAARC leaders to discuss the ongoing pandemic situation because of Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Though there was no confusion on the purpose of the meeting among any of the participants, all but one of them took it in its real spirit and discussed the measures taken by their Nations to fight the pandemic and the road ahead. But if we think Pakistan can keep everything aside and just talk on the matter (like everyone else did), we would be expecting too much from a Nation whose existence is only because of hate towards India.

We will quickly talk about few instances from the video conference which proves this very clearly.

Politicizing the Conference
This conference was meant to be between heads of states and everyone but Pakistan understood that. Every other SAARC nation was represented by their heads of state (either PM or President) but Pakistan sent it's State Minister for Health. There are two things Pakistan was trying to convey by this - first, Pakistan doesn't think this conference was important enough to be attended by its head of state. And second - they don't want to consider India as the natural leader of SAARC.

No ethics, no courtesy
After the opening remarks by PM Modi, each leader was given a chance to share their thoughts on the ongoing situation and how their country is battling that. Each one of them praised PM Modi in their remarks for initiating this conference and bringing SAARC together, once again.
But Pakistani representative did not care to even greet PM Modi in his initial address.

Raking up Kashmir
Surprised, no it happened, really!
Forget Govt, even a sensible person would understand that the purpose of the conference was to come together and fight a common enemy. But how can that go down well with Pakistan? They think that if they bring up Kashmir in anything and everything, it is their victory. Same happened when the Pakistani representative got his second chance to speak, he thanked Modi this time, which gave an impression that probably better sense has prevailed but soon after he brought up Kashmir in one of the statements which his scriptwriters must have written after tremendous effort and brainstorming. They would certainly put it in bold in their resumes.

Such is the level of hatred and stupidity in the minds and hearts of the Pakistani establishment, which is evident everywhere from diplomacy to sports. This should make each one of Indians think that why should they not want Pakistan to disappear from the world map?

Jai Hind!

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