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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Three Ts to Tackle China - Trade, Taiwan and Tibet

For many decades now, we have seen the Foreign Policies of the likes of Pakistan and even China with respect to India. Pakistan has never shied away from interfering in the internal matters of India, be it through the statements of top ministers including their PM, or by using any international forum against India even when it was not meant for raising such issues. That's Pakistan, we all know about it. And honestly speaking, no one in the world gives a damn about what it says.

But when it comes to China, their foreign policy as well is consistently against India. Whether it is the oppositions of India's UNSC seat or the protection of Pakistani Terrorists in International forums - they have always betrayed India. Thus far, India has not taken any hard stance against China and all the Govts were trying to woo them in the name of good relations, not sure why.

If Pakistan, with its limited capacity and the history of defeats, can challenge India like it does, what makes India woo a proven enemy like China? Though it's true that India is not jobless and purposeless like Pakistan who has only one foreign policy of Hate India, however, it doesn't mean that regimes like China should be dealt with so softly. This govt was not much different than the recent ones (except Nehru's that made historical blunders), but it at least made the army stand their ground when needed like in Doklam earlier and now in Ladakh. The hard stance that we are witnessing now, at least in Trade is because Chinese has crossed the line this time in Galwan and violated the rules of engagements in place since decades. It's high time India does what it has ignored for so long. To begin with, India can utilize three Ts:


Things have already started moving in this direction after Galwan as India has canceled various deals with Chinese companies at both Central and State levels. The Chinese cargo is getting stuck at ports as authorities are scrutinizing the goods lot more than before. Chinese Apps with millions of users are banned in India and now there are talks that 2.8 billion dollar power sector imports are going to be halted. It is a good start but there is a long way to go in order to become atmnirbhar (self-reliant).


Look at the below image posted in the Taiwan News website. It pretty much sums up the sentiments it has for China and the support they are willing to extend to India.

Credit -

India has not made very bold statements about Taiwan so far, though we are supporting them silently. One way to engage enemy is to pi** them off irritate them and going out of our way to support Taiwan would be a good start.


Have a look at this not-to-scale map taken from website to get an idea of how big the region of Tibet is that was illegally occupied by China. The India of that era did not object and only did so much to help Dalai Lama and Tibetans by welcoming them in India. This was not enough as we can see today.

Credit -

Many Tibetans consider India as their second home after what China did but it is a responsibility of India and the democratic world to help them get their rightful home back. This will not only help humanity but will also solve border issues of eastern India for the foreseeable future. Who doesn't want a peaceful and friendly neighbor like what Bhutan is for India at present?

So, apart from giving a military response to the Chinese at the time and place of our choosing, these are the diplomatic actions that India should be definitely looking to take and we can then say - der aaye lekin durust aaye. (It took time to begin, but it was done very well)

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